KFM-540B Automatic Double Sided Thermal Laminator
KFM-540B Automatic Double Sided Thermal Laminator

KFM-540B Automatic Double Sided Thermal Laminator

Model NO.

KFM-540B Automatic Double Sided Thermal Laminator


  1. Able to do single or double side lamination.
  2. With oil- free vacuum pump for automatic paper feeding.
  3. Automatic paper feeding system equipped with photocell detector and machine automatic stops to self- protection while short of paper or paper breaks.
  4. Man- machine interface system: color touch screen, easy for operation; it realizes automatic operation after directly data input for paper size, overlap length and working speed, working status can be tracked via the screen.
  5. Schneider frequency converter, speed variable
  6. The upper & the lower heating rollers with casted aluminum heater, independent temperature control, which ensures the temperature constantly and makes it precise for the double lamination.
  7. Pneumatic pressure system ensures a stable pressure; it can be adjusted upon requests.
  8. The anti-curve device can be adjusted by the turbine gearbox, the laminated paper can be leveled and it does not curve after cutting.
  9. Pneumatic sheet cutting system able to have sheet laminated paper.
  10. The receiving table equipped for the sheet laminated paper.

Technical specifications:



Max. paper size

540 x 780mm

Min. paper size

290 x 290mm

Working speed

30m/min (single); 25m/min (double)

Paper thickness


Total power



3200 x 1250 x 1500mm



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