Hologram Seamless Embossing Machine
Hologram Seamless Embossing Machine

Hologram Seamless Embossing Machine

Model NO.


This holographic seamless embossing machine is suitable for embossing transferring film; seamless laser graphic film as designs of “plain side” “light pillar” “disorderly pattern”; this multi-functional embossing machine works for BOPP, PET with or without seam, your more specific designs can be custom made, and for more details please feel free to contact with us.

Main specifications:

1.Material: PET thickness 12- 150um

2.Max. unwinding diameter: 700mm

3.Max. rewinding diameter: 700mm

4.Embossing speed: 20- 60m/min

5.Max mechanical speed: 80m/min

6.Tension control range: 3-25kg

7.Main driven motor: 7.5kw

8.Rewinding driven motor: 5.5kw

9.Installed capacity: 70kw

10.Power supply: AC380, 3phase, 5 wire

11.Compressed air: 0.3- 0.8MPa

12.Hydraulic press: 2 sets, pressure 1- 10MPa

13.Machine size: 1800 x 1800 x 1500mm (L x W x H), 2 groups

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