Holographic Seamless Embossing Machine (Single plate)
Holographic Seamless Embossing Machine (Single plate)

Holographic Seamless Embossing Machine (Single plate)

Model NO.


1.Suitable for holographic laser embossing in between film to film, BOPP 19- 50um; or plate embossing pre coated PET 12-200um & plate embossing BOPP 19-50um;

2. Aimed to emboss holographic laser film, transfer film and packaging film that widely applied in tobacco & alcohol packages, the food packages and the other fields.

3.Itworks as to make different design mastersfirst,thenby using of working plates to emboss on all kinds of films, which resulted a dazzling rainbow laser holographicfilm.

4. It is a new type of special equipment for anti-counterfeit and practical decoration emerging materials.

5. Wide applications, works for width 800mm to 1600mm, if special size can be custom made as well, for more details please feel free to let us know.

Main specifications:

1.Material: PET, BOPP thickness 12- 150um

2. Max. unwinding diameter: 700mm

3. Max. rewinding diameter: 700mm

4. Embossing speed: 20- 60m/min

5. Max mechanical speed: 80m/min

6. Tension control range: 3-25kg

7. Main driven motor: 5.5-2.2kw, 3.7kw-2.2kw + 2.2- 1.5kw

8. Rewinding driven motor: 2.2- 5.5kw

9. Installed capacity: 25- 48kw

10. Power supply: AC380, 3phase, 5 wire

11. Compressed air: 0.3- 0.8MPa

12. Hydraulic press: 1 set, pressure 1- 10MPa

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