KBT PUR Book Binding Machine For Sale
KBT PUR Book Binding Machine For Sale

KBT PUR Book Binding Machine For Sale

Model NO.

KBT PUR Book Binding Machine For Sale


This binding machine is multi functions binding machine with advanced technology in 21th century. It can paste paper scrip and gauze. And also can be used for sticking big sizes cover in the meantime or use alone, the interchange between EVA and PUR is very fast.

This machine adopted a computer operation system, a mill chamber construction, side rubber wheel, indentation wheel, book-wrapping table, cover size adjuster, auto computer setter. As a result it can finish all the processes in one minute. It is controlled by a frequency controller and PLC. It is assembled with photoelectric cells, auto tester and touch screen displayer. There is digital display function in the glue breaking functions constantly, and the book acceptance structure is level method and protects the book back forming in better way. This machine not only uses lock line gluing packaging , but also unwiring gluing packaging, which is the deal equipment for the unwiring gluing packaging and wiring packaging in the printing factories of wide-range universities.

Technical parameter:

Binding size

Max: 450*300mm

Min: 150*105mm

Binding thickness


Binding speed

Max: 2300books/hour

Power required






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