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The history of printing machinery

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The history of printing machinery
Issue Time:2010-06-10

1439, Germany, Gutenberg produced wooden letterpress printing, this vertical spiral lever presses Although simple, it follows the 300 years; in 1812, first made in Germany Konig Taiwan Toppan Printing flattened round; 1847, the United States Hoy invention rotary press; in 1900, made of six-color rotary press; in 1904, the United States, Rubel invention of offset printing.
50 years before the twentieth century, the traditional letterpress printing process in the printing industry dominate the development of printing presses to the main relief. Letterpress printing process, but the existence of lead alloy and high labor intensity, long production cycle and the shortcomings of polluting the environment. From the 60's, with short cycle, high productivity characteristics of offset lithography began to rise and development of lead alloy Toppan Printing have been gradually replaced by offset lithography printing. Soft letterpress printing, hole printing, electrostatic printing, inkjet printing, packaging printing, advertising printing have also been developed.

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