QZYK-CD Series Computer Control Paper Guillotine Cutting Machine
QZYK-CD Series Computer Control Paper Guillotine Cutting Machine

QZYK-CD Series Computer Control Paper Guillotine Cutting Machine

Model NO.

This type of computer control guillotine is most advanced type paper cutting machine, which is high precision, long lasting and stable, all the main parts imported from world famous brand:


1.Automatic operating

2.Semi-automatic operating

3.manual operating

4.self-memorizing function

5.automatic accurate orientating

6.manual orientating

7.the paper-pusher move toward and move backward function

8.the fast movement for adjustment

9.automatic add or plus for adjustment

10.enforcing inverting function

11.enforcing restoration function

12.enforcing stop the paper-feeding movement function

13.enforcing stop paper-cutting movement function

14.enforcing the air pump sending fan function

15.manual sending fan function

16.self-seeking the origin function

17.self-eliminating the origin error

18.human program mode

19.equally dividing function

20.making equidistance result function

21.+/- compensating calculator function

22.manual inserting cutting program

23.skip cutting function

24.program browsing function

25.calculator function

26.language selecting function

27.the transforming function

28.clock function

29.the cutter blade replacing guidance

30.pressing the paper-stack function

31.the cutter blade locating through calculator function

32.the inch function

33.self-check of the error

34.cutting position displaying function

35.the before-knife and after-knife parameter displaying

36.the list of the constantly used paper sized

37.paper-feeding speed96-18m/s)

38. available for 10,000 cutting programs

39. availalbe for 10,000 groups of the programs

40.capable of 300,000 hours storage period

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