K19 Automatic Cardboard Cutter
K19 Automatic Cardboard Cutter

K19 Automatic Cardboard Cutter

Model NO.

K19 Automatic Cardboard Cutter

Automatically complete vertical cardboard slitting and horizontal cardboard slitting, only one person is required to operate, which can reduce 3-5 people and reduce the intermediate manufacturing and transportation links. The edge angle material is automatically broken, centralized and removed, and the finished product is automatically stacked.

Technical parameter

Original cardboard size(L*W)

First cut, min: 750x750mm, max: 1220x1220mm

Second cut, min:750x150mm, max:1220x450mm

Finished product size(L*W)

L: 150-450mm

W: 85-1180mm

Cardboard thickness


Cardboard feeder speed

Max: 40 sheets/min

Cardboard delivery speed

Max: 120m/min

Machine power

11kw, 50HZ, 3phase

Machine size(L*W*H)


Note: The machine speed depends on the size, material, etc. The machine picture is the design effect drawing, subject to the actual machine.

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