Semi-automatic book sewing machine
Semi-automatic book sewing machine

Semi-automatic book sewing machine

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This semi-automatic book sewing machine carries out automatic gluing, binding and reception.

This machine carries out the automatic function for counting, production statistics, cutting line and separating books.

This machine adpots the lubricants automatic control system, which automatically carries out detection and control on lack, breaking, shrinks, jams and so on.

This machine is with high lock line precision and international practical needle distance with the close needle. The lock line is firm, tidy, beautiful, which prevents lead adhesive.

This machine is easy for operation and adjustment. It is suitable for large and medium-sized print factories and is the ideal equipment for gluing and binding books.

Main Technical Parameter

Sewing Breadth(Max) 460×300mm (Min) 150×100mm
Sewing Speed43-85(times/min)
Needle Quantity11(groups)
Needle Distance19mm

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