Series paper folding machine (paper folder)
Series paper folding machine (paper folder)

Series paper folding machine (paper folder)

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This machine adopts the imported high performance and high operational speed PLC high color indicating terminal to carry out the intelligent control, with the newest electric-controlled knife structure, program control fold knife work, fold knife continuous work, as well as point moving step sport, more convenient to adjust to fold knife; folding work does not need the electromagnetic clutch control, stable to star and stop, without noise, unnecessary to adjust id using for long time. The transmission components get less impact power, less wear, long service life, reliable working and most suitable for high speed folding. New self check, self measuring system. When using the page of different sizes, the fold knife photoelectric detection device does not need adjustment and change, so that the operation is more relaxed.

Main specifications:

Max. sheet size660 × 1040mm
Min.sheet size150 × 200mm
Sheet weight range40 -200g /m2
Max. fold-roller speed180m /min
Max. fold-knife speed260strokes/min
dimensions2150×1720× 1520 mm
3000×1570× 1610 mm
1460×870× 1110 mm

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