UV coating machine
UV coating machine

ZHSG Series UV Coating Machine

Model NO.

​​​​​ZHSG Series UV Coating Machine

This series UV coating machine fit for various paper UV coating or varnishing etc.

Main data:

1. Max coating width:1150mm

2. Max paper size:1040x720mm

3. Paper thickness:80-600g/m2

4. Max working speed:60m/min

5. Total power:54kw

6. Machine weight:5500kg

7. Machine size:17200x1760x1600mm

Main features:

Three roller clockwise direction rotate coating system for save the oil

Bottom roller cleaning system prevent oil spread to the back of the paper.

The machine base made of cast iron, this make the machine long life, durability and anti-vibration.

Left and right moving doctor blade makes the coating even and uniformity.

Temperature-resistant Teflon mesh belt for smooth transmission, and equipped with automatic correct deviation and automatic temperature control.

In whole process, paper transferred by vacuum suck transmission.

When emergency stop, the IR or UV dryer part will automatic open(pneumatic cylinder).This function let the temperature lows down quickly.

PLC air knife control system, pinhole type wind blowing

Emergency stop with alarm when happen the paper curliness malfunction.

Electrical sensor and air valve is all imported with high sensitive and long life feature.

Frequency inverter for all part speed adjustment.

Three UV lamp can be independent control.

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